Airbus Hamburg

Airbus plant tour in Hamburg

The Airbus plant Hamburg-Finkenwerder is located on the south bank of the river Elbe at the gates to the city. Experience an exciting insight into the interior structure and final assembly of the A320 family on a tour of the site. Depending on the production, there are also insights into the production of large aircraft types such as A330, A350 or the former A380 production area.

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Tour for individual guests

Raster 100 | Schulklassen Programm

School class program | Adapted thematically


The Hamburg Metropolitan Aviation Cluster, in cooperation with large and small aviation companies and the Hamburg State Institute, offers new experimental materials for teaching on the subject of aviation. The teaching and learning cases are offered at the Landesinstitut Hamburg in the lending station. The minimum age is currently 14 years.

- The tour lasts around 2 to 2.5 hours.
- Visit to the visitor pavilion in the factory
- Visit of the production end line for the A320 production
- Visit to assembly for wide-body aircraft production
- Tour of the factory premises

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